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American Firefighter MC Milwaukee Chapter



Come Ride with us


National Membership Requirements from AFF-MC Chicago
You must be a Sworn Professional Firefighter or Paramedic
You must be a I.A.F.F. Member of a department active or retired. (Proof Required)
You must ride an AMERICAN MADE/Harley- Davidson brand motorcycle.
You must not be on probation with your respective department.
You must be a fully recognized member either active or retired.
Individual Membership to the AFF-Milwaukee Chapter
Follow all above National rules.
Contact any member of our club via email found on this website.
Come to a meeting to see what we are all about you won't be disappointed.
Fill out an application and pay for your national membership along with your patches and annual club dues.
Help out with club rides and charity events.
Most of all, love to ride and believe in the brotherhood.
Forming your own AFF-Chapter
To start a chapter there must be a minimum of 5 members, all of whom qualify and meet the membership requirements as an independent "National Member" of The "American Firefighters Motorcycle Association." Only Chapter Members wear the "FIREFIGHTERS-MC" Rocker and larger "AFF-MC Maltese" Logo.
Monies Owned upon joining
The National Membership is a one time fee of $20.00
A Patch fee is around $90-100 to be included with your $20 national Membership. (Separate Checks)
Annual dues of $25.00 to AFF-Milwaukee to remain an active member. (Collected at the end of May)
New member annual dues for AFF-Milwaukee are waived for 1 year due to cost of National Membership and Patches.
Note: all money amounts subject to change